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Sir George Brown Charity
If you have lived in Wolverton for any length of time you will probably be aware of the Sir George Brown Charity.  Most of us know of the Christmas lunch for senior citizens.  Fewer will have been recipients of confidential support in times of need.
The Charity was set up by Sir George Brown of Wolverton Park who died in 1685.  Initially the Charity managed four Poor Houses and provided money to the Rector “to encourage him to teach the Church Catechism to the children of the parish”.
This continued for nearly 300 years until legal reform by the Charities Act 1960 required registration with the Charity Commissioners. The registration of the Sir George Brown Charity, number 206790 was sealed on 27 July 1965.  By that time the income of the charity was to be used “for the benefit of such poor persons resident in the ancient parish of Wolverton in the supply of articles in kind or in grants of money. “
More recently the Charity Commissioners have defined the poor as “ those in financial need“.  This could apply to all age groups, old and young, including students who might need help towards education, college or college books, or those needing assistance in trying to get back into work   But please don’t forget that help with “articles in kind or in grants of money” can only be provided to those who live in the Ancient Parish of Wolverton.  You can discover whether you live in the parish of Wolverton by going to and putting your post code into the Parish Finder section. 
If you or anyone you know is in financial need and lives in the parish please contact the rector, the Reverend David Barlow on 01635 297543 or Mr Robert May on 01256 850221. All support is entirely confidential