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St Catherine's Wolverton
St Catherine's is described as the 'finest early Georgian Church in N. Hampshire' by Pevsner. And indeed it is - a grade 1 listed building.
It is a mediaeval church encased in brick around 1710 with an extensive tower built rather out of proportion with the earlier building (also bricked over). The interior of the church is Georgian with much remaining, box pews (lowered in 1871) and almost mirror image pulpits (one for reading the Bible and the other for preaching the gospel).
The roof beams form the shape of fish symbols denoting the ancient Christian symbol for Jesus (in Greek 'icthus' means 'fish' and the initial letters spell out Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour). These are believed to be late 13th century. Wolverton is also found in Simon Jenkins' book 'Thousand Best English Churches'.
There is a peal of six bells. This is popular with many ringer teams coming from far and wide to ring.