Diocese of Winchester - World War One Casualties
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Tribute to our World War One Casualties

The Bell Ringers will ring in Baughurst, Wolverton and Hannington to remember those from our Benefice who died in the First World War.  The bells will be rung on the anniversary of each death.  In accordance with custom they will be sounded 100 times to mark the anniversary and then a further 9 times for each man.

25/8/1914                                 Sidney Kelly
16/2/1915                                 Alexander Kelly
1/7/1915                                   Ernest Sandford
15/11/1915                               George Ernest Jacob
21/1/1916                                 Harry Lawes
2/6/1916                                   Albert G Appleton
1/7/1916                                  Frederick Smith
1/7/1916                                   Robert Jacob
1/7/1916                                   Francis R. Abbott
9/9/1916                                   Frank Kernutt
19/10/1916                               William J Monger.M.M
24/2/1917                                 Tom Taylor
30/4/1917                                 Walter J Cripps
14/9/1917                                 Merrick H McConnell
13/10/1917                               John B Greenup
27/2/1918                                 Leonard G Rampton
31/3/1918                                 William Richardson
31/3/1918                                 Frederick C Webb
27/4/1918                                 William Kernutt
4/9/1918                                   George Warren
16/9/1918                                 William S Bennett
27/9/1918                                 Charles Rowell

6/3/1919                                   Fred G Appleton